The Sea Power Centre - Australia produces the capstone doctrine and concept documents that inform the Navy Capability Development Model: Australian Maritime Doctrine, and the Future Maritime Operating Concept. Both documents are reviewed and reissued every five years as part of Defence’s five-year strategic planning process.

Graphic displaying Sea Power Centre - Australia doctrine publications.
  • Australian Maritime Doctrine (2010) is the guide to understanding the unique nature of the RAN’s contribution to Australia’s national security and how the navy goes about its business. It brings together the key concepts and themes of sea power, places them in an Australian context and explains them in a clear and straightforward fashion. Equally important, it lays out the ways in which the RAN operates as part of a joint and integrated ADF to accomplish the maritime security goals set by the Australian government.
  • Australian Maritime Operations (2017) builds on the philosophical principles of operations in the maritime environment set out in Australian Maritime Doctrine.
  • Future Maritime Operating Concept - 2025 analyses and describes the likely future maritime operating environment and details the maritime capabilities required to respond to both the enduring and evolving features of that environment. Its timeframe means that it focuses beyond the anticipated life cycle of most current platforms.