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HMAS Tobruk (II) decommissions

HMAS Tobruk was decommissioned in Sydney on 31 July 2015 after 35 years of service to the Royal Australian Navy.
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New Generation Navy

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31 Aug 2015
Members of the F-FDTL march at Taci Tolu (Three Seas) for the 40th anniversary of FALANTIL Day.
HMAS Huon has made her second visit in 12 months to close neighbour, East Timor, continuing to strengthen the relationship between the Australian Defence Force and the Timor-Leste Defence Force.
30 Aug 2015
Petty Officer Maritime Logistics - Support Operations Sonia Leon Sepulveda (left) and Able Seaman Maritime Logistics - Support Operations Melanie Nann sell upcakes to raise money for the RSPCA.
On 25 August, Navy Strategic Command and the Office of the Chief of Navy came together for the annual RSPCA cupcake day to raise money for all creatures great and small.  
29 Aug 2015
Phase III Maritime Warfare Officer Sub Lieutenant McKay assists a member of the F-FDTL with their navigation skills.
HMAS Huon has conducted an official visit to Dili, Timor Leste, in support of the 40th Anniversary of Falantil Day.  
28 Aug 2015
Army Defence Indigenous Development Program members have been offered Navy employment positions. Left to Right. Private Edith Wasiu, Private Morrison Pearson and Private Isabel Mosby.
Three trainees from the recent Army variant of the Defence Indigenous Development Program have 'jumped ship' and been offered employment with the Navy. The trainees have been under training since April and are due to graduate at the end of this month.
27 Aug 2015
'Healthy Harold' joins HMAS Stirling personel in the first training session for OCSOBER at the Stirling sports field.
Royal Australian Navy personnel are again preparing to 'lose the booze' this October to raise money for children's education programs encouraging healthy lifestyles.

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