725 Squadron re-commissions

725 Squadron was re-commissioned in a ceremony at HMAS Albatross on 11 June.
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Young Endeavour World Voyage 2015

Keep up to date via the 2015 World Voyage Captain's Log on the Young Endeavour website.
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New Generation Navy

New Generation Navy (NGN) is Navy’s philosophy for culture change and development of its future leaders.
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Thinking about joining?

The Navy has a huge range of exciting jobs to choose from with pay and benefits that will far exceed your expectations.
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30 Jun 2015
World Hydrography Day 2015 celebratory cake is cut by Seaman Hydrographic Systems Operator Charlotte Lauer and Lieutenant Commander Peter Locke.
To some 21 June may have been just another Sunday but to the Royal Australian Navy it was significantly World Hydrography Day. 
30 Jun 2015
HMAS Anzac and SPS Almirante Juan de Borbon, of the Spanish Navy, conduct officer of the watch manoeuvres off the coast of Ferrol, Spain.
A warm welcome was received by the crew of HMAS Anzac last week when they visited the naval port of Ferrol, in Spain’s Galicia region for a port visit during their NORTHERN TRIDENT 2015 deployment. 
29 Jun 2015
Australian Defence Force Members Soon to See Effects of New Workplace Remuneration Arrangement
Australian Defence Force members will soon see more money in their bank accounts as the first salary increase, including back pay, is processed on July 30.
29 Jun 2015
HMAS Melbourne departs Port Melbourne in preparation for Mission Readiness work-up.
Following a 10 week maintenance period, HMAS Melbourne is back in action, preparing for a Middle East deployment. 
28 Jun 2015
The distance line is hauled in onboard HMAS Newcastle from the French Replenishment Ship, FS Var, as both ships conduct a RAS(L) (Replenishment at Sea-Liquids). HMAS Newcastle is tasked to carry out maritime security patrols in the Indian Ocean in support of Operation MANITOU.
HMAS Newcastle counter narcotics opertations in the Middle East are part of the Combined Maritime Forces in the region, supported by many nations.

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