Clearance Diving Teams

Clearance Divers (CDs) are the Australian Defence Forces' specialist divers. CD tasks include specialist diving missions to depths of 54 metres, surface and underwater demolitions, and the rendering safe and disposal of conventional explosive ordnance and improvised explosive devices.

Huon Class MHC
Huon Class MHC

During their careers, CDs will be rotated through the following sea and shore positions:

Huon Class Mine Hunter Coastal (MHC) Vessels

Employment for CDs posted to these ships includes upper deck Seaman part-of-ship duties during sea service within Australia and overseas. Specialist diving duties involve the use of self-contained mixed gas equipment for mine-counter measures tasks. Mine-counter measures missions focus on the prosecution and disposal of sea mines. These ships are based at HMAS Waterhen in Sydney.

Clearance Diving Teams (CDTs)

CDs can be employed in the following operational CDT elements:

Clearance Diver carrying an M4A1 Carbine.
Clearance Diver carrying an M4A1 Carbine.

Maritime Tactical Operations (MTO)

MTO missions include diving on 100% oxygen, using self-contained, closed-circuit re-breather equipment that does not give off tell-tale exhaust gases, for specialist operations underwater and ashore.

Mine Counter-Measures (MCM)

CDT MCM missions are similar to MHC MCM missions, but CDT MCM missions focus on specialist shore-based operations.

Underwater Battle Damage Repair (UBDR)

UBDR missions include diving on surface-supplied and self-contained air equipment, primarily for the maintenance and repair of ships' underwater fittings. These missions can involve the use of underwater electric, explosive-power, hydraulic and pneumatic tools for major repairs and salvage operations.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

EOD missions include the rendering safe and disposal of Improvised (home made) devices, Military Ordnance and obstructions both on land and underwater. These missions can involve the use of Remote Positioning Vehicles (ROV), Portable X-Ray devices and high powered disruptors.

Tactical Assault Group (East) (TAG (E))

CDs are employed in Special Forces roles at the TAG (E). TAG (E) is part of 2 Commando Regiment. TAG (E) maintains a short notice capability to conduct special military operations, using a variety of specialist skill-sets that include the extensive use of small arms.

Instructional and Support Roles

CDs are also posted to the RAN Diving School, located at HMAS Penguin in Sydney, for instructional duties. RAN Diving School staff instruct all category and non-category diving and demolition courses. Besides the RAN Diving School, there are several administrative support positions for CDs around Australia.

Team Commanding Officer
Diving Team One Lieutenant Commander Alastair Walsh
Diving Team Four Lieutenant Commander Michael Kerrisk