Navy Values and Signature Behaviours

Navy Values


The Navy values of Honour, Integrity, Loyalty, Courage and Honesty define what is important to Navy as a whole and to its people individually.

To help live out these values, Chief of Navy has endorsed 10 signature behaviours (116 KB PDF). These behaviours reflect the Navy's desired culture, which supports people during and beyond their service, makes and executes decisions, and empowers everyone to make a respected contribution.

The 10 signature behaviours are:


Respect the contribution of every individual

  • Recognise the value of each person’s contribution to Navy
  • Be respectful of role, experience and background
  • Value diversity

Promote the wellbeing and development of Navy people

  • Develop Navy people to their full potential
  • Know and care for people
  • Keep people at the core of all decisions
  • Build the team – provide guidance and challenge their abilities

Communicate well and regularly

  • Keep your team informed
  • Be clear, consistent, timely and accurate
  • Engage thoughtfully and check for understanding
  • Express and receive feedback graciously


Challenge and innovate

  • Challenge, question and be open to change
  • Generate new ideas
  • Support creative solutions

Be cost conscious

  • Understand the cost implications of the decisions you make
  • Find solutions that are enduring, efficient and add value
  • Use it like you own it

Fix problems, take action

  • Seek and accept responsibility
  • Take ownership of what you say you will do
  • Turn your ideas into actions
  • Be a part of an effective solution

Drive decision making down

  • Make sound, timely decisions based on principles not just rules
  • Drive decisions to the appropriate level
  • Trust and support people to make good decisions


Strengthen relationships across and beyond Navy

  • Work together to identify and achieve common purposes and objectives
  • Build inclusive partnerships
  • Deliver on Navy’s promises, and do it well

Be the best I can, and

  • Strive for professional excellence
  • Know yourself and seek self-improvement
  • Maintain your personal wellbeing

Make Navy proud, make Australia proud.

  • Lead by example
  • Value Navy’s identity and reputation
  • Live Navy’s values

The Navy Values booklet "Serving Australia with Pride" (935.17 KB PDF) was recently updated by Chief of Navy, VADM Ray Griggs AM CSC RAN. It not only describes the values in more detail, it also provides more information on the signature behaviours and how they can be implemented.