2019 Pioneer Women’s Trail Walk

19 May 2019

8:30am to 4:00pm

Beaumont House, 631 Glynburn Road, Beaumont SA


Walking registration $20

Each year hundreds of walkers make the trek following the trail made by German pioneer women as they carried their fresh produce from Hahndorf to market in Adelaide 180 years ago.

The Pioneer Women’s Trail was rediscovered by members of the Hahndorf and Burnside Branches of the National Trust, and Walking SA, in 1980. The annual Pioneer Women’s Trail Walk retraces their steps over 26km from Hahndorf to Beaumont. This year marks 180 years since the establishment of Hahndorf, and it is the 10th year of this event.

As the walkers descend from Hahndorf join us for a special harvest celebration with live music, food, wine and produce in the beautiful autumn splendour of the Beaumont House gardens. Lend a hand picking olives in the 150 year old olive grove for the famous Davenport Olive Oil.

Admission to the Heritage Harvest Festival can be purchased at the gate.

Featuring live music by RAN Band South Australia.