HMAS Sheean conducting their Air Sea Safety Assesment off Garden Island in Western Australia with a Seahawk helicopter from HMAS Adelaide (II).
Commanding Officer
Collins Class
Fight On
Home Port
Australian Submarine Corp, Adelaide
Laid Down
17 February 1994
1 May 1999
23 February 2001
Dimensions & Displacement
  • surfaced: 3,100 tonnes
  • dived: 3,407 tonnes
Length 77.8 metres
Beam 7.8 metres
Draught 7 metres
  • top speed: 20 knots
  • dived: 20 knots
  • surfaced: 10 knots
  • snorting: 10 knots
  • surfaced: 11,500 nautical miles
  • dived: 400 nautical miles
  • snorting: 9,000 nautical miles
  • sailors: 38
  • officers: 10
  • plus trainees
  • 3 Hedemora/Garden Island Type V18B/14 diesels
  • 3 Jeumont Schneider generators
  • 1 MacTaggart Scott DM 43006 hydraulic motor for emergency propulsion.
Missiles McDonnell Douglas Sub Harpoon Block 1B (UGM 84C); active radar homing
Torpedoes 6-21 in (533 mm) fwd tubes. Gould Mk 48 Mod 4/6/7; dual purpose; wire-guided; active/passive homing
Mines 44 in lieu of torpedoes.
Physical Countermeasures Decoys: 2 SSE.
Electronic Countermeasures ESM: Condor CS-5600; intercept and warning.
Radars Navigation: Kelvin Hughes Type 1007; I-band.
  • Thomson Sintra Scylla active/passive bow array and passive flank, intercept and ranging arrays.
  • Thales SHORTAS retractable, passive.
Weapon Control Systems AN-BYG 1. Link 11.
HMAS Sheean Badge.

HMAS Sheean is the fifth Collins Class Submarine built by the ASC in Adelaide, Australia.

Sheean was named after Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean, who was lost when HMAS Armidale (I) was sunk on 1 December 1942 off the Timorese coast. Armidale (I) had survived two days of bombing before being struck by a Japanese aerial torpedo. During the action Ordinary Seaman Sheean was wounded and rather than abandoning ship with the rest of his shipmates, he strapped himself to the aft Oerlikon Gun and continued to fire at the attacking Japanese aircraft until Armidale (I) sank. Sheean was 'mentioned in dispatches' for his bravery.

Sheean is the only Australian naval vessel to be named after a sailor, and the Submarine continues to maintain strong ties with Teddy Sheean's hometown of Latrobe , Tasmania , Australia.

History of the Crest

The Blazon

Vert, in base embattled azure an oerlikon.

Motif Description

The blue field represents the Navy and the sea.

The green field represents the farming fields and Mt Roland of Sheean's home town of Latrobe.

The Oerlikon represents the weapon which Sheean manned to the last.

The division of the fields is known in heraldic terms as "embattled" and in this context signifys that Sheean's last stand was during battle.

Motto: "FIGHT ON"

The originally recommended ship's motto for HMAS Sheean was "Fight On" with and alternative of "Never Surrender". The alternative however was rejected on the basis that is was considered too alike "No Cede", the approved motto of HMAS Harman.