Naval College Ceremonial Activities

An important tradition and part of being in the Royal Australian Navy is an appreciation and the conduct of military marching (drill). At the Royal Australian Naval College (RANC), trainee officers such as the New Entry Officer Course (NEOC), Reserve Entry Officers Course (REOC), Lateral Entry Program (LEP) and Direct Entry Officers (DE) are all required to learn and maintain a high standard of drill.

Of the courses conducted, the NEOC will complete the most intensive training regime, for the 20 weeks they are under training at the RANC. Drill instruction includes unarmed marching, rifle (F88) drill and sword drill. Each NEOC class will spend in duration of more than 100 hours on the parade ground for instruction.

Following are ceremonial activities conducted within the RANC.

Commanding Officers Divisions

Divisions have been found by experience to form a sound basis for development of those characteristics required in a well disciplined person. Immediate obedience to orders, steadiness, smart personal appearance and mental alertness develops self-confidence and serves to instil a sense of pride. Divisions create a great opportunity for young officers to exercise and increase their power of command and leadership.

Ceremonial Sunset

Ceremonial Sunset is derived from amongst the oldest of Naval Ceremonies, dating back centuries to the age of sail. Originally, the ship’s drums were beat on as a call for the Ship’s company to man their quarters, or action stations, when battle was imminent. Ceremonial Sunset reflects the worldwide naval tradition of saluting the lowering of the Ensign at sunset each day in ships in harbour and shore establishments.

Ceremonial Sunset.
Ceremonial Sunset


Graduation Events

Graduation events are held twice a year within the RANC for NEOC classes. Graduation activities for the NEOC are the end product and the final day of course.

Graduation Parade.
Graduation Parade


Anzac Day

On 25 April every year Australians commemorate Anzac Day. It is Australia's sacred day. The day has the same significance in New Zealand, Australia's partner in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (the ANZACs) at Gallipoli. The RANC, as part of HMAS Creswell, provides support to a number of commemoration activities including Dawn Services in Bowral, Ulladulla and Jervis Bay; as well as commemoration services and marches through Huskisson, Moruya, Culburra and Currarong. NEOC trainees will usually form Cenotaph Guards for Dawn Services, and Armed Guards for marching through Huskisson. It is usually the first time that NEOC trainees march external to the Royal Australian Naval College, and it is a very popular, and strongly supported, event for the local communities.