Recruit School Mission

To induct men and women into the Royal Australian Navy, to enable them to think for themselves, work with each other, have the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct basic duties within the fleet and progress to a specialised career in the Royal Australian Navy.

To enable sailors to think for themselves and work with each other the school provides them with the many skills needed to pass onto a Naval career. Teamwork, self discipline and professionalism are the key attributes developed within recruits undertaking recruit training. Recruits are expected to adopt and display in their behaviour and their attitude the Navy Values, Honour, Honesty, Courage, Integrity and Loyalty.

The Recruit Course is 11 weeks duration. Much of the training is conducted within Recruit School but elements of the course are conducted in other areas of Cerberus such as the Seamanship and Combat Survivability Schools. Recruit training is also conducted on board the Seahorse Spirit. Seahorse Spirit is a 72 metre long ocean going vessel operated by Defence Maritime Services. Seahorse Spirit is employed solely to provide a week of Sea Familiarisation Training to recruits. The training cruises conducted in Bass Strait and Western Port Bay operate over 40 weeks of the year.

The Navy recognises the important role that the Recruit School plays in the development of its future sailors. Recruit School staff undergo an interview process and undertake a six week selection course to equip them with the additional skills needed for their demanding role as Recruit Instructors.