New Generation Navy

What is New Generation Navy?

The New Generation Navy (NGN) program was established in April 2009 under a Chief of Navy (CN) Directive to address the Culture, Leadership and Structural changes required for Navy to meet the challenges of delivering future capability.

NGN represents the energy and commitment of Navy’s people in creating an environment where people are empowered to perform at their best; where Navy – as a warfighting force – is trusted to defend Australia and its interests by being ready to fight and win at sea.

A five year program, NGN’s primary focus is delivering positive culture change across Navy. Navy is starting to make deep inroads into modernising its structures, leadership and culture, and has begun to embed these changes into the way it does business.

Navy 'Signature Behaviours' underpin Navy Values of Honour, Honesty, Courage, Integrity and Loyalty. The Signature Behaviours are being embedded into daily practice, and focus on people, performance and professionalism.

A significant NGN initiative was to institute values-based leadership throughout the organisation. This was done by changing the way that Navy’s leaders are trained, and by introducing modules into promotion courses with a focus on effective, inclusive and ethical leadership. The success of this initiative is demonstrated by the standing up of the Directorate Leadership and Culture Development to embed a long term strategic approach to Navy Leadership and Culture Development.

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