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Navy members are contributing to the ADF's operation to support the Government’s response to COVID-19.
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21 Oct 2020
Warrant Officer Darren Jago, of HMAS Cerberus, makes his 8th donation of convalescent plasma, supported by Registered Nurse Joy from the Frankston Lifeblood Donor Centre in Victoria.
As a regular blood donor since 2007, Warrant Officer Darren Jago was asked by Red Cross Lifeblood to consider donating convalescent plasma.
21 Oct 2020
Australian Defence Magazine’s Women in Defence Awards 2020 finalist, Director Navy People and Career Management Agency, Captain Tish van Stralen.
Captain Tish van Stralen, Director Navy People Career Management Agency, features in the fourth of our five-part special feature on the finalists in the Australian Defence Magazine’s Women in Defence Awards 2020.
20 Oct 2020
Leading Seaman Physical Training Instructor Matthew Rowe conducts 27 physical training sessions per week as part of HMAS Arunta's fitness regime during the ship's current deployment.
It is widely accepted that a healthy body and mind go hand-in-hand, and this adage rings just as true for those working ashore as it does for those whose jobs take them to sea.
20 Oct 2020
Newly promoted Royal Australian Navy Officer, Midshipman Brad Lewis, with his certificate of promotion at 822X Squadron, HMAS Albatross.
The Royal Australian Navy’s newest aviation workgroup has commissioned its first Remote Pilot Warfare Officer, Midshipman Brad Lewis from 822X Squadron.
20 Oct 2020
 Chief Petty Officer (then Petty Officer) Communication Information Systems Manager Jessica Buley stands beside her portrait at the 'Thank you for your service' photographic exhibition at the Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney, in April 2019.
Chief Petty Officer Communications and Information Systems Jessica Buley from HMAS Sydney features in the third of our five part special feature on the finalists in the Australian Defence Magazine’s Women in Defence Awards 2020.
19 Oct 2020
Captain John Cowan with Lieutenant Commander Christensen holding the Maritime Trade Operations Element Battle-worthiness Certification.
In recognition of their mission readiness status, the Maritime Trade Operations Element recently gained their inaugural Battle-worthiness Certification.

Upcoming Events

In 2020, HMAS Cerberus continues to operate as Navy's premier training establishment, training not only Navy personnel but Army and Air Force personnel as well. HMAS Cerberus had planned to open its gates to the public to celebrate its centenary but this has been postponed due to the pandemic.
Nov01 to Nov27
Applications are now open for the ADF Arts for Recovery, Resilience Teamwork and Skills (ARRTS) Program, which will be held in Canberra from 1 – 27 November 2020. This innovative and supportive arts-based program assists permanent ADF and Reservist personnel facing health and well-being challenges...

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