808 Squadron

808 Squadron Badge

Commanding Officer: Commander Paul Hannigan

808 Squadron, equipped with new Australian Aerospace MRH-90 Taipan multi-role helicopters, is bringing improved capabilities and capacity to the Australian Defence Force in order to meet emerging requirements.

808 Squadron was commissioned on 11 July 2013 with a traditional naval commissioning ceremony and this marks the Squadron’s and aircraft’s formal induction into the fleet. It follows extensive training, trials and preparations which have ensured the Squadron’s aircraft and personnel are ready for service.

808 Squadron was previously commissioned into the Navy during the 1950s, when it operated fighter aircraft from the aircraft carriers, HMA Ships Sydney and Melbourne.

It earned battle honours during the Korean War and has a legacy of operational excellence, courage under fire and of breaking new ground in naval aviation.


More information about 808 Squadron's history is available online.