Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet Air Arm (FAA) is Navy’s aviation force which focuses on flying crewed and remotely piloted aircraft from ships at sea in support military operations. 

The FAA consists of: 

  • Headquarters
  • Naval Air Squadrons
  • Non-commissioned units.


The Commander of the FAA is the Military Air Operator accountable for the command chain and control of the obligations regarding the management of the aviation and safety risks. 

Naval Air Squadrons

  • 700–799 training missions
  • 800-899 deployable missions.

The Royal Australian Navy 800 series Naval Air Squadrons deploy sub-units called Flights, which are numbered using the last digit of the parent Squadron as its prefix.

  • 601-607 Flight for 816 Squadron 
  • 801-807 Flight for 808 Squadron
  • 201-203 Flight for 822X Squadron.

723 Squadron

Provides helicopter training for: 

  • Navy and Army pilots
  • Navy and Army helicopter instructors
  • Aircrewman
  • Maritime Aviation Warfare Officers
  • Remote Pilot Warfare Officers.

725 Squadron

Builds on foundational training for graduate aircrew. Graduates are specialists in flying and fighting the MH-60R Romeo.

Officers and sailors from the 725 squadron are then posted to either 808 or 816 Squadron.

808 and 816 Squadron

Consist of aircrew and aviation technicians formed into Flights. Flights fly, fight, and maintain the MH-60R, wherever the Royal Australian Navy may sail. 

822X Squadron

Experiments with remote and autonomous aircraft informing tactics, techniques and procedures for Navy’s employment of teamed autonomy. 

The ‘X’ following its number indicates that it is a developmental unit.

Non-Commissioned Units

Non-commissioned units consist of personnel only who support operation and training Squadrons. 

Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Trials Unit 

Responsible for the planning, analysis and reporting of test and trial activities of:

  • crewed 
  • remotely piloted
  • autonomous systems. 

Personnel posted to AMAFTU are specialists in the integration of aviation systems into ships and aircraft.

Aviation Support Unit

Provides maintenance and repair of the MH-60R Fleet. The technical workforce provides general and specialist aviation services to generate Naval Aviation. A central focus is the conduct of phase maintenance of the MH-60R.