Fleet Air Arm

The Fleet Air Arm (FAA), formerly known as the Australian Navy Aviation Group, is the Navy’s aviation force and provides aviation capabilities required to support military operations. The FAA’s focus is on mission effectiveness, reliability, sustainability and safety. The group Headquarters is located at HMAS Albatross.

The Fleet Air Arm's responsibilities are to the Chief of Navy for the management of naval aviation, and to the Commander Australian Fleet for delivering aviation capability.

The group is oversees the development and regulation of airworthiness and standards in accordance with Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR). Its duties include:

  • development of Aviation Warfare, Operations and Policy (AWOP) 
  • Compliance Assurance and Standards (CAS) 
  • Aviation Maintenance Engineering Policy (AMEP) 
  • aviation logistics 
  • fleet aviation safety 
  • oversight of Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Trials Unit (AMAFTU)
  • fleet aviation operations.


  • 723 squadron delivers helicopter training for Navy and Army pilots, Navy Aviation Warfare Officers and Aircrewmen. It is also responsible for training Navy and Army helicopter instructors.
  • 725 Squadron performs tasks such as radar and communications calibration exercises, air interception practice for officers going through warfare training and participates search and rescue efforts when needed. 
  • 808 Squadron, equipped with the MH60R Seahawk helicopter, is bringing improved capabilities and capacity to the Australian Defence Force in order to meet emerging requirements.
  • 816 Squadron aircrew and technicians are specialists in flying and maintaining the MH-60R in order to provide a ship or task group with an enhanced anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare capability.