Information Warfare Force

Information warfare is the integrated employment of Navy’s information-based capabilities (communications, cyber, intelligence, networks, electronic warfare and imagery) to degrade, deny, deceive or destroy an enemy’s information environment or to enhance the effectiveness of friendly operations.

The Information Warfare Force (IWFOR) provides the capacity to disrupt an adversary’s decision-making process while enhancing and protecting Australia’s own. The capability generated through IW is achieved through a range of information activities such as intelligence, cyber, command, control and communications (C3) and information effects (IE).


  • IWFOR is consistently engaged in the planning and conduct of all fleet operations, activities and actions.
  • Primary, alternate, contingency and emergency (PACE) methodology is understood and practised in a denied, disconnected, intermittent and limited/low (DDIL) bandwidth environment.
  • Fleet Operational Security (OPSEC) is understood and practised to protect Navy’s essential elements of friendly information (EEFI).