Queen Elizabeth II personal flag for Australia

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had a special flag that was flown only when she was visiting Australia. Her Majesty approved the flag on 20 September 1962 and first used during the 1963 royal visit. Her Majesty’s personal flag for Australia was used in the same way as the Royal Standard in the United Kingdom.

The flag consists of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms with a large gold seven-pointed Federation Star overlapping it in the centre. Within the Federation Star is Her Majesty's initial ‘E’ in gold. Above it rests a stylised St Edward’s Crown enclosed by a garland (a ‘chaplet’) of gold roses, set on a blue roundel.

The flag was flown in ships, on official buildings or in enclosures only on occasions when Her Majesty was present. An exception existed for parades in honour of the sovereign’s birthday.  When it was flown on or outside a building, no other flag was flown with it.

When the Queen embarked in one of HMA ships or boats, all other flags were moved to another and only the Queen’s flag would fly. In a private ship, the masthead pennant was always displaced when the standard was flown.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022, her personal flag was laid up and is no longer flown.