Plan Pelorus

Australia exists in an increasingly complex geo-political environment, within a dynamic Indo-Pacific region. The maritime domain is central to the security and prosperity of the nation. Navy has a crucial role to play in the maritime domain and must continue to evolve and prepare for all operational possibilities.


Plan Pelorus provides direction to Navy, over the next 4 years, to enable delivery on 5 key outcomes:

  • provide maritime forces for current operations, exercises, engagements and future contingencies.
  • plan and deliver future maritime systems.
  • assure the safety, seaworthiness and airworthiness of systems.
  • effectively lead and manage people and culture.
  • provide the required enablers and oversight to achieve Navy outcomes.

Plan Pelorus is being updated to align with strategic direction from the National Defence Strategy, Defence Strategic review and the Navy Surface Combatant review.

Plan Pelorus Navy Strategy (PDF 763.85 KB)