Strategy Mercator

As an island continent, Australia is a maritime nation whose security and prosperity is directly linked to the oceans and seas. Controlling seaborne approaches and supporting international efforts to assure the global maritime commons is essential for continued prosperity.

Government has directed the implementation of strategic policy that signals the ability to project military power and deter actions against Australia’s interests. Mercator is Navy’s strategy to achieve this through a coordinated national endeavour to shape, deter and respond to the contemporary strategic environment.

Strategy Mercator charts the course to achieve a focused integrated maritime force over the next 10 years. It focuses resolve and reinforces Navy’s unique role as Australia’s maritime force, working with supporting capabilities, whole of Government, and industry and academia, for, and on behalf of, all Australians.

Navy is undergoing a review of Strategy Mercator to align with the strategic direction from the Defence Strategic Review and soon to be released National Defence Strategy and Navy Surface Combatant Review.

Plan Mercator - Maritime Domain Strategy (PDF 739.94 KB)