La Noche de los Mayas

La Noche de los Mayas

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1. The Wasps Overture (9:25) Ralph Vaughan Williams. Overture from the Aristophanic Suite. Symphonic Band transcribed by Rens van Leeuwen.

2. Dionysiaques (11:06) Florent Schmitt. Edited by Felix Hauswirth.

La Noche de los Mayas by Silvestre Revueltas. Symphonic Band transcribed by Douglas McLain.
3. Movement I - Noche de los Mayas (Night of the Mayas) (6:49)
4. Movement II - Noche de Jaranas (Night of Revelry) (5:26)
5. Movement III - Noche de Yucatan (Nights of Yucatan) (6:11)
6. Movement IV - Noche de Encantamiento (Nights of Enchantment) (9:10)

7. Danzon No. 2 (10:05) Arturo Marquez. Symphonic Band transcribed by Oliver Nickel.