Straight Ahead

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The Royal Australian Navy Band is one of Australia's most recognised and valued military bands, and we are pleased to add this collection to our long recording history. Since 1913, the RAN Band has proudly taken the voice of Australia to the world and represented our country's creativity, history and traditions. All tracks on this album were arranged by members of the RAN Band, highlighting the versatility and talent of some of Australia’s finest musicians and the Royal Australian Navy’s finest sailors.

Lieutenant Commander Steven Stanke, RAN, Director of Music - Navy, August 2016


With the combination of extraordinary talent, coupled with the passion for an ever-evolving art form, this album aims to showcase the very best the Royal Australian Navy Band has to offer in arranging skill and musical performance: a divine contemporary musical experience for the Australian public.

We invite you to listen to and enjoy this recording as much as we have had the pleasure to record and produce it for you.

Lieutenant David Coit, RAN, Project Executive Producer

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  • ABMUSN Andrew Crago - Alto Saxophone (Lead)
  • POMUSN Chris Palamountain - Alto Saxophone
  • ABSUSN Tom Duck - Tenor Saxophone
  • ABSUSN Gregory Smith - Tenor Saxophone (except Lonely Woman and The Wedding)
  • POMUSN Grant Metcalfe - Tenor Saxophone (Lonely Woman and The Wedding)
  • ABMUSN Gary Honor - Baritone Saxophone/Flutes
  • ABMUSN Dominic Parsons - Bass Clarinet (Tin Tin Deo)


  • LSMUSN Robert Flynn - Trombone (Lead)
  • ABMUSN Daniel McIlvride - Trombone
  • LSMUSN Volker Schoeler - Trombone
  • LSMUSN Daniel McMahon - Bass Trombone


  • ABMUSN Matthew Tubman - Trumpet/Flugelhorn (Lead)
  • LSMUSN Cameron McAllister - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
  • ABMUSN Chris Ellis - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
  • LSMUSN Andrew Hansch - Trumpet/Flugelhorn
  • ABMUSN Martin Duck - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Rhythm Section

  • POMUSN Lucas Kennedy - Drums
  • ABMUSN Robin Murray - Bass
  • ABMUSN Joseph Wherrett - Guitar
  • ABMUSN Vladimir Shvetsov - Keyboards
  • ABMUSN Rebecca Lloyd-Jones - Vibraphone


  • LSMUSN Tracy Kennedy
  • LSMUSN Laura Nichols
  • ABMUSN Stephanie McCorkelle

Project credits

  • Director of Music - Navy - Lieutenant Steven James Stanke, RAN
  • Executive Producer - Lieutenant David Coit, RAN
  • Producer and Music Director - Leading Seaman Musician Robert Flynn
  • Co-Producer - Leading Seaman Musician Cameron McAllister
  • Project Co-Ordinator - Petty Officer Musician Lucas Kennedy
  • Recorded 8-14 August 2016 at Oaklands Productions, Melbourne
  • Engineer - Jarrad Gilson
  • Mastered by Jim Anderson at Arf! Mastering
  • Session Photography - Able Seaman Musician Wayne Preusker
  • Album artwork, concept, design - Able Seaman Musician Gary Honor

With thanks to

  • Defence Force School of Music - Simpson Barracks, for the use of their facilities and equipment.
  • Bernie at Bernie's Music Land, Ringwood, Vic for the use of the Hammond B3.