Warrant Officer Andrew Bertoncin

Warrant Officer of the Navy (2022 -)

WO Andrew “Bert” Bertoncin

WO Andrew “Bert” Bertoncin, OAM, joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1988 as a Radio Operator. On completion of his training at HMAS Cerberus, he served in his first Fleet unit HMAS Swan.

During his service as a junior sailor, he experienced service in the MWV community in HMAS Tarakan and Bunbury and ashore in key Strategic communications centres. Promotion to senior sailor required both amalgamation to the Communication Information Systems category and a return to service in MFUs with two postings to HMAS Arunta. A highlight of his service in Arunta was the reward of the Peter Mitchell prize as the most outstanding senior sailor of the year in 2005.

Promotion to WOCIS5 in 2007 led to a wide range of CIS manager roles including OPSWO DEFCAMSAUS, OIC DEFCOMMSTA Perth and the OPSWO position in the Force Communication Unit deployed in the MEAO as part of Operation Slipper. Altering the course of his career he took the opportunity to serve as a CWO in HMAS Sirius, Stirling and MHPFOR. WO Bertoncin also conducted the responsibilities as the WA Alcohol and Drug Program Coordinator (WAADPC) where he achieved a diploma in Alcohol and Drug counselling.

WO Bertoncin was awarded the OAM in the 2016 Queens Honour’s List for his service to the Communications category and as the CWO of Sirius.

In February 2021 WO Bertoncin was appointed to the role of Command Warrant Officer Fleet Command. Whilst serving in this positon WO Bertoncin completed the RAN Staff Acquit course.

In December 2022 WO Bertoncin was appointed as the Royal Australian Navy’s tenth Warrant Officer of the Navy.