EC-135 T2+

The EC-135 T2+ is a military training helicopter that offers a glass cockpit, high visibility, a multi-axis auto-pilot, and other advanced technologies to help instructors perform training missions. The EC-135 offers the performance and safety of a twin-engine helicopter that provides the ideal preparation for operational helicopter types.

A total of 15 EC-135 helicopters are operated by Navy, Army and civilian instructors, based at HMAS Albatross in state of the art training facilities.


Type Training helicopter
Manufacturer Airbus Helicopters
Origin Germany
Number ordered 15
First delivered 31 March 2016
First flight 16 January 2015 (N52-001)
Length 5.87 metres
Height 3.35 metres
Widtd 1.56 metres
  • 2910 kg (maximum)
  • 1130 kg (maximum cargo)
Speed 155 knots
Crew 2 x Navy pilots
1 x Navy pilot
1 x Maritime aviation warfare officer 
2 x Sensor operator aircrewman  
Engines 2 x Turbomeca Arrius 2B2 turboshaft engines
Operated by 723 Squadron