HMAS Dechaineux

Commissioned on 23 February 2001, HMAS Dechaineux is the fourth of the Collins Class submarines to enter service in the Royal Australian Navy. Based at Fleet Base West in Western Australia, they are a formidable element in Australia's defence capability.

Since commissioning, HMAS Dechaineux has successfully conducted a range of activities throughout the region in support of Australian Defence Force exercises, operations and the government's strategic directives.

Collins Class submarines are tailored specifically for their defence and two-ocean surveillance role in the Royal Australian Navy. The submarines, designed and built by the Swedish Navy, are as quiet as advanced technology can achieve.

One of the first submarines fully designed by computers, these vessels boast a vast range of features. They include a high performance hull form, highly automated controls, low indiscretion rates, high shock resistance and an efficient weapons handling and discharge system.

The submarine moves silently on electric power supplied by banks of new-technology batteries charged by three on-board diesel generator sets.

The sophisticated combat system is an advance on any system currently available. It gathers intelligence from sensors, computes the input, and launches and directs weapons.


Class Collins class
Type Guided missile submarine, diesel-electric (SSG)
Pennant S76
International callsign VMLD
Motto Fearless and Ferocious
Home port Fleet Base West
Builder Australian Submarine Corp, Adelaide
Laid down 4 March 1993
Launched 12 March 1998
Launched by Mrs Mary Purbrick (Widow of CAPT Dechaineux)
Commissioned 23 February 2001
  • surfaced: 3,100 tonnes
  • dived: 3,407 tonnes
Length 77.8 metres
Beam 7.8 metres
Draught 7 metres
  • top speed: 20 knots
  • dived: 20 knots
  • surfaced: 10 knots
  • snorting: 10 knots
  • surfaced: 11,500 nautical miles
  • dived: 400 nautical miles
  • snorting: 9,000 nautical miles
Crew 48 plus trainees
  • 3 Hedemora/Garden Island Type V18B/14 diesels
  • 3 Jeumont Schneider generators
  • 1 MacTaggart Scott DM 43006 hydraulic motor for emergency propulsion.
Missiles McDonnell Douglas Sub Harpoon Block 1B (UGM 84C)

6-21 in (533 mm) fwd tubes

Mines 44 in lieu of torpedoes
Physical countermeasures Decoys: 2 SSE.
Electronic countermeasures Condor CS-5600; intercept and warning.
Radars Kelvin Hughes Type 1007; I-band.
  • Thomson Sintra Scylla active/passive bow array and passive flank, intercept and ranging arrays.
  • Thales SHORTAS retractable, passive.
Weapon control systems AN-BYG 1. Link 11.
HMAS Dechaineux badge


Guided missile submarine