LR5 submarine rescue vehicle

The 21.5 tonne LR5 submarine rescue vehicle normally carries three submersible crew members, the pilot, a co-pilot and the systems operator. Up to 16 submarine survivors can be evacuated at a time to the mother ship or to a mother submarine. The LR5 could make up to eight trips to the distressed submarine (a rescue capability of 120 personnel) before needing to recharge the battery power supply. The LR5 System can be air lifted by a military or civil transporter aircraft for example by C-5 Galaxy or Antonov and a 747 and then transferred to port for speedy installation on the mother ship.

The ADF contracted Submarine Escape & Rescue System is based at Henderson in WA. The LR5 System is managed by James Fisher Defence. The operating team of pilots, engineers and technicians maintain & upgrade the system.

Class DSAR class
Type Submarine rescue vehicle
Builder James Fisher Defence
Acquired June 2009
Tonnage 24 tons (in air weight)
Length 9.6 m
Beam 3.2m
Depth 2.7m
Propulsion 2 × 10 kW (13 hp) electric motors
Speed 3 knots (5.6 km/h)
Endurance 10 hours
Test depth 650m
Capacity 1200kg
Crew 2


Rescue vehicle