The submarine intervention gear ships, Merchant Vessel (MV) Besant and MV Stoker, are the latest enhancements to Navy’s submarine search and rescue capability. Stoker is operated by DMS Maritime. It embarks the LR5 submarine rescue system submersible, a decompression chamber, and has enhanced on-board medical facilities with the ability to accommodate a full submarine crew.

It is named after the Commanding Officer of the First World War submarine HMAS AE2, Lieutenant Henry Stoker.

Type Auxiliary Naval Vessel
Role Submarine intervention gear ship
International callsign VJN4918
Home port Fleet Base West
Builder Damen Song Cam Shipyards, Vietnam
Launched 21 May 2015
Length 93.20 metres
Beam 16 metres
Draught 4.05 metres


Auxiliary naval vessel