The Royal Australian Navy's multi-role aviation training vessel (MATV), Merchant Vessel (MV) Sycamore was launched in Vietnam in August 2016 and achieved final acceptance on 28 July 2017.

The ship’s primary role is to support maritime aviation training of Defence helicopter flight crews. The 94-metre civilian ship is a flight deck equipped, sea-going training vessel for most types of helicopters used by the Australian Defence Force. MV Sycamore is fitted with the aircraft ship integrated secure and traverse system (ASIST) to enable MH-60R helicopter pilots to safely land and take off from the deck in severe weather conditions. Nighttime helicopter operations are supported, along with the ability to re-fuel helicopters on the deck or in flight. The vessel is also capable of supporting the operation of unmanned aircraft systems.

During Operation Bushfire Assist 2019-2020, MV Sycamore was called upon to help in the evacuation of 1400 civilians from Mallacoota, Victoria. 

The Commonwealth have engaged Teekay Shipping (Australia) to crew, operate and maintain the vessel. The flight deck operational support team is provided under contract by OPSTAR.

Type Auxiliary Naval Vessel
  • Helicopter flight and deck training
  • Sea familiarisation
  • Navigation training
  • Diving support and mine warfare training
  • Target towing
  • Consort duties
  • Torpedo recovery
International callsign VNSY
Builder Damen Song Cam Shipyards, Vietnam
Launched 30 August 2016
Displacement 2935 tonnes (full load)
Length 93.96 metres
Beam 14.4 metres
Draught 3.90 metres
  • 17.8 knots (max)
  • 17.1 knots (85% MCR in Sea State 4)
Range 4373 nautical miles at 17.1 knots

5550 nautical miles at 16.2 knots
  • 19 civilian crew
  • 71 ADF personnel/trainees
  • 2 x diesel engines
  • 2 x shafts


Auxiliary naval vessel