Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB)

The rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) provides Royal Australian Navy surface combatants with an over the horizon interception and boarding capability. The RHIB can seat up to 10 personnel, however the forward six seats can be removed to make room for cargo.

The Juliet 3 (J3) 7.2 metre Jet RHIB is a high speed, high buoyancy craft which consists of a reinforced fibreglass hull and inflatable gunwhale (collar) constructed of reinforced fabric. The boat is powered by a Yanmar marine diesel engine driving through a Hamilton water jet and a fire suppression system. The boat has a self-righting mechanism, navigation system comprising of Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS), radar and VHF radio. The chart plotter and radar image is displayed on a single multi-function display.

Type Ancillary Craft
  • High speed boarding
  • Personnel and cargo transport
Builder Zodiac
Length 7.24 metres
Beam 2.74 metres
Speed 40 knots
Range 200 nm
Capacity 1400 kilograms in any combination of personnel, equipment or cargo.
Machinery Yanmar 319 HP Diesel engine

Hamilton HJ274 series Water Jet


Ancillary craft