STS Young Endeavour

Sail training ship (STS) Young Endeavour is Australia's sail training flagship. Young Endeavour was gifted to the people of Australia by the British government in 1988 to celebrate Australia's bicentenary.

Although operated by the Royal Australian Navy, Young Endeavour is primarily used to provide youth development and sail training to Australian youth through the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme.

Up to 24 young Australians embark on each voyage and participate in the internationally recognised program delivered by the Navy staff crew. Since 1988, over 14,000 young Australians have participated in the program developing teamwork, leadership, communication, resilience and instilling a sense of community responsibility.

Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Newman
Type Sail training ship
International callsign VMGW
Home port Fleet Base East
Builder Brooke Marine Ltd
Launched 2 June 1987
Displacement 239 tonnes
Length 44 metres
Beam 7.8 metres
Draught 4.0 metres
Speed 14 knots (under sail)
  • 10
  • 24 youth trainees
STS Young Endeavour badge


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