Double Eagle Mk II

The Royal Australian Navy's Huon Class minehunter, coastal vessels are fitted with a pair of electrically powered Saab Double Eagle Mk. II remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) for mine disposal. The Double Eagle is equipped with a searchlight, closed-circuit low light television camera and an on-board close range identification sonar. Commands are relayed via a fibre optic link inside the vehicle's 1000 metre tether, which also relays sensor images for display on the ship's multifunction console in the operations room.

Each Double Eagle ROV is fitted with either a disposal charge slung beneath or an explosive or mechanical cutter designed to sever the wire rope or chain holding moored mines.


Type Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)
Class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
Role Mine identification/Mine disposal
Builder SAAB
Length 2.2 metres
Beam 1.3 metres
Speed 6 knots (maximum)
Range 500 metres (operational depth)
Physical countermeasures Disposal charge
Sonars Close range identification sonar
Electro-optic systems Closed-circuit, low light colour camera


Underwater vehicle