AGM-114N Hellfire

The AGM-114N Hellfire missile is a precision air-to-ground weapon delivering multi-target capability and strike lethality. It is capable of attacking targets out to eight kilometres and reaches speeds in excess of Mach 1.

The AGM-114N variant contains a Metal Augmented Charge (MAC) and is ideal for the Navy’s use from the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter in the anti-surface warfare role. 


Function Precision air-to-ground anti-ship missile
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Guidance Semi-active laser homing
Power plant Solid-fuel rocket motor
Weight 48 kilograms
Diameter 180 millimetres
Wingspan 0.33 metre
Length 1.63 metres
Range 8 kilometres
Speed Mach 1.3 (1,600 km/h)