EF88 Austeyr

The Australian Defence Force's EF88 Austeyr rifle improves combat capability due to its superior accuracy and lethality, improved ergonomics, balance and increased mounting options for ancillary devices. The EF88 began entering service in mid-2016 and is replacing the F88 Austeyr.

The EF88 rifle can be quickly reconfigured to meet specific mission roles by utilising weapon ancillary attachments which include:

  • enhanced day sights 
  • image intensifiers 
  • thermal imaging sights 
  • forward grips (basic and with bipod) 
  • weapon stabilisers 
  • visual illumination devices 
  • one o'clock offset rails 
  • laser-aiming illumination 
  • ranging devices. 


Function Assault rifle
Manufacturer Thales Australia
Modes Single shot or semi-automatic
Feed 30-round box magazine
Ammunition 5.56mm x 45mm NATO rounds
Caliber 5.56mm


Small arms