F89A1 Minimi

The Minimi F89 light support weapon is a belt fed, air cooled, gas operated machine gun. It comes fitted with a bipod and can be fired from a variety of positions. It can engage point targets effectively to 400m and area targets out to 600m. It is fed by magazines of 100 or 200 rounds, however may be fed by belt only.

The sight railing allows a variety of sights to be used including the standard 1.5x sight and night weapons sight.

The Minimi has proven reliability in all combat conditions. The main components give a service life of over 50,000 rounds. The Minimi can be fitted with a hydraulic buffer for stabilized rate of fire and reduced recoil forces. The design of the buttstock contributes to easy, comfortable and accurate firing.

The Minimi guarantees an area fire up to 1,000m with SS109 ammunition.


Function Light machine gun
Manufacturer FN Herstal
Designed 1974
Action Gas operated, rotating bolt
Modes Full automatic
  • 100-round disintegrating-link belt
  • 100 or 200-round magazine
Weight 6.85 kilograms (unloaded)
Rate of fire 700-1,000 rounds per minute
Ammunition 5.56mm x 45mm NATO rounds
Calibre 5.56mm
Barrel length 465mm
Range 300-1,000 metres


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