The 7.62MM MAG 58 General Support Machine Gun (GSMG) is a fully automatic crew-serviced weapon that is usually mounted on the starboard side door of Navy's helicopters.  Ammunition usually consists of a combination of ball and tracer rounds belt-fed from 200 round ammunition containers. A brass catch bag that holds 400 empty cases hangs under the gun.

The MAG 58 is also used as a light support weapon (LSW) on ships and LHD landing craft (LLC),it is normally fired from a bipod but can be connected to a mount. It is equipped with a laser for targeting which also has illuminating capabilities for night usage. The maximum effective range of the GSMG MAG 58 in the LSW role is 800 metres.

Function General Purpose Machine Gun
Manufacturer Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN Herstal)
Designed 1958
Action Gas-operated
Modes Fully automatic
Feed Belt-fed
Rate of fire 750-1000 rounds per minute
Ammunition Ball and tracer
Calibre 7.62 mm
Range 800 metres (maximum effective)


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