Nulka active missile decoy

Nulka is an Australian designed and developed active missile decoy built through Australian/American collaboration.

It is a rocket-propelled, disposable, off board, active decoy with a unique design in that it hovers in mid-air while seducing the incoming anti-ship missile.

The hovering rocket concept was initiated in Australia by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). The system was designed, developed and manufactured by AWA Defence Industries (AWADI) (now BAE Systems Australia).

The Nulka consists of the missile itself enclosed in a hermetically sealed canister. This canister is then contained in a launcher module.

The system is currently fitted to the Canberra Class amphibious assault ships, Anzac Class frigates, and the Hobart Class guided missile destroyers.

Function Active missile decoy
Manufacturer BAE Systems Australia
  • Destroyer, Guided Missile (DDG)
  • Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD)
  • Frigate, Helicopter (FFH)


Anti-missile and close-in weapon system