Navy brand

Ceremonial badge

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Badge represents Navy’s history, tradition, values and people, both past and present. The badge is an oval rope surround which contains a stockless, chain cabled admiralty anchor placed atop a federation star and encircled by the words 'Royal Australian Navy'. Placed on top of the rope surround is the St Edward’s Crown*.

Royal Australian Navy brand mark

The Navy brand mark consists of the word Navy in block capitals in a san serif font, locked horizontally or vertically in line with the RAN Ceremonial Badge. The typeface of the Navy brand mark is not a standard font, but has been specifically developed for Navy and must not be substituted. The Navy brand mark may not be redrawn or altered in any way.

Royal Australian Navy white ensign

The Royal Australian Navy adopted the Australian white ensign in 1967.

The Australian white ensign consists of a white flag with the Union Flag in the upper canton at the hoist with six blue stars positioned as in the Australian flag.


Copyright restrictions apply to the use of any Royal Australian Navy Badges or emblems or RAN White Ensign. They are protected nationally and internationally by the Defence Act 1903 and the Trade Marks Act 1995.

To apply for permission to use a RAN Badge please visit Using Navy emblems page.


*According to the UK College of Arms, it is envisaged that the form of the Crown seen in King Charles III’s new cypher will be adopted as the form used in representations of the Royal Arms and in Military and Crown Badges in the new reign. It is the intention that the new cypher and new rendering of the St. Edward's Crown will be introduced gradually, and generally only when equipment or uniforms which bear them needs to be replaced. This will be similar to what happened in the 1950s and 1960s as Queen Elizabeth II's cypher came to replace that of King George VI.

There will be a new version of the RAN Ceremonial Badge in due course. It is anticipated that any discussions on adopting a new version of the St. Edward’s Crown will be driven by Government House and the Governor General.