Requesting band support

The RAN Band provides music support for military ceremonies and parades, commemorative services, and community engagement events such as school concerts and music festivals.

RAN Band support may be requested from within Defence or by entities/organisations external to Defence. The Director of Music - Navy is the final authority for all RAN Band tasking. 

A full list of terms and conditions is available on the last page of the request form. Email the completed form to

RAN Band support request form (PDF 832 KB)

Requestors will be contacted in due course about their support request.

Recipients of RAN Band support

The RAN Band acknowledgement guidelines must be referred to when receiving Royal Australian Navy Band support. The guidelines pertain to the official acknowledgement of RAN Band support and reference of this document is a requirement of the RAN Band terms and conditions.

RAN band acknowledgement guidelines (PDF 1001.08 KB)

Acknowledgement queries should be directed to the RAN Band National Public Relations Manager via email at