Ceremonial Divisions and Sunset at Mindil Beach Markets

17 August 2017


Mindil Beach, Darwin, Northern Territory

About 100 Royal Australian Navy officers and sailors will conduct Ceremonial Divisions and a Sunset Ceremony at Mindil Beach Markets, Darwin, from 6:00pm on Thursday 17 August in what promises to be the highlight of Northern Territory Navy Week, 12-20 August.

Northern Territory Navy Week 2017 flyer
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The naval traditions are not usually conducted for the public and this will be the first time either has been performed on Mindil Beach.

Ceremonial Divisions musters the ship’s company in their best uniforms for inspection by a reviewing senior officer. Sunset Ceremony is also steeped in tradition and honours the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who have served during war and peace.

Sunset Ceremony will be preceded by a Beat to Quarters played by the RAN Band Sydney, a practice that dates back centuries to the age of sail when a ship’s drums were beaten to summon men to quarters or action stations when battle was imminent.

At five minutes to Sunset, the Evening Hymn is played and followed by a volley of blank shots fired by the guard, echoing an old practice of saluting the knell of parting day.