Museum of HMAS Cerberus


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Interior of the HMAS Cerberus museum.
Interior of the HMAS Cerberus museum.
Interior of the HMAS Cerberus museum.
Interior of the HMAS Cerberus museum.

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The Museum of HMAS Cerberus opened in 1980 in the building that was first built in 1925 as the New Entry Study Block, firstly occupying one room. The collection has grown from its humble beginnings to be one of the largest of Royal Australian Naval memorabilia.

The Museum grew through the dedication of ex-naval personnel giving of their time and various skills. In 2005 the collection came under the umbrella of the Naval Heritage Centre, and in a short time has seen many changes, taking on a more modern approach but still managing to keep the old style charm that has made the 'Cradle of the Navy' collection unique.

The primary theme for the displays is centered around HMAS Cerberus, the premier training establishment of the Royal Australian Navy, with the secondary theme of the Victorian and Colonial Navies.

Our archives and library are extensive and continue to grow through the generosity of ex-naval personnel and their families.

The best source for information on the service records of ex-members is held by the Australian National Archives, and the best information on ships' histories is held by the Navy History Directorate at Navy's Sea Power Centre - Australia (SPC-A) in Canberra, which can be contacted via the SPC-A website.


General information

Museum of HMAS Cerberus.
Museum of HMAS Cerberus.

Contact us

Museum Manager CMDR John Goss AM, RANR
Postal Address Museum of HMAS Cerberus
Nelson Road
HMAS Cerberus, Vic 3920
Manager Landline 03 5931 5678

Opening times

Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 2:00pm Visits by appointment only with 24 hours prior notice is required

Entry fees

Children under 6 Free
Adult $4.50

Facilities & services

  • Research
  • The shop
  • The Navy in Vietnam room
  • Memorial churches and gardens of HMAS Cerberus
  • The exhibition

Location & access

Coming from Hastings on the Frankston Flinders Road, drive through Bittern, turn left down Disney Street, turn right at first roundabout South Beach Road. Take the next left at the HMAS Cerberus gates where you will then be required to show photo identification at the Access Control Point. All visitors are to be escorted to the museum.


Escorted access

The RAN Museum of HMAS Cerberus is located within the Public Access Precinct of HMAS Cerberus. The Museum is housed in a heritage listed building, The New Entry Study Block (1925).

The Public Access Precinct is itself of heritage significance and includes a Memorial Chapel and gardens.


Private vehicles

Private vehicles visiting the RAN Museum of HMAS Cerberus are permitted transit through the HMAS Cerberus depot in their own vehicles directly to the Museum. All visitors will need photo identification.


Bus tours

Bus tour groups that visit the RAN Museum of HMAS Cerberus are permitted escorted transit through the HMAS Cerberus depot in their own bus directly to the Museum. A list of names of passengers on the bus is to be handed in at the Main Access Point on arrival.

There is no bus transport provided by Navy. Additional directions and maps are available from Google Maps.


Disabled access

The RAN Museum of HMAS Cerberus and the Public Access Precinct have been designed to allow full access to the disabled.