Naval College Social Life

Gunroom Functions

Life here at the College is not all lessons, eating and sleeping. In fact trainees get to enjoy a range of social activities. For New Entry Officers the gunroom is one of the main social hubs, and regularly holds different types of functions. These can be as simple as a movie night, through to Sunday social sport.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a drink or two while chatting with friends, listening to music, playing pool or darts or even watching movies together in the TV room annex.

Cerberus House Pool Room.
Cerberus House Pool Room
Cerberus House Foyer.
Cerberus House Foyer
Cerberus House TV Room.
Cerberus House TV Room

Local Haunts

When going ashore (proceeding on leave), there are a number of activities you may wish to choose. These are as follows:

  • Nowra - this is the closest major regional shopping area, and is therefore somewhere you will wish to explore on your weekends off.
  • There are a variety of restaurants and cafes as well as cinemas in the immediate local areas of Vincentia and Huskisson, adjacent to the beaches of the region.
  • As you are within a national park area there are a number of ‘eco’ activities one can conduct, such as whale watching, bush walking, kayaking and trail cycle riding. The PT department has a number of assets you may loan for activities.
  • Further afield there are a large number of high quality wineries, which also take group tours.


The mates you make in the Navy will be unlike those you have ever made before. The mateship that develops is derived from working together through various hardships and providing a mutual support to each other. For most people your mates become your family, as you will spend months at a time together especially while you are at sea.

Long after you have left the Navy you will find that you still keep in touch with your Navy mates, and that they will still be there for you when you need them. This is the unique bond that all members of the Military and profession of arms enjoy. If you know any ex-Military member in your local community, ask them about their best memories of serving; nine times out of ten it will be the mateship.