RAN Band Support Request Form

RAN Band Support Request Form 2023
RAN Band Support Request Form 2023

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Do YOU need support from the RAN Band? Learn how to request the band here.

The Royal Australian Navy has full-time bands in Sydney and Melbourne, and reserve bands in Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. The RAN Band provides music support for military ceremonies and parades, commemorative services, and community engagement events such as school concerts and music festivals.

Requests for RAN Band support may be requested at any time as events become known by using the form on this web page. Requests may be submitted from within the Australian Defence Force (ADF)/Department of Defence (Defence) or by entities/organisations external to the ADF/Defence.

The Director of Music - Navy is the final authority for all RAN Band tasking. A full list of terms and conditions is available on the last page of the request form.


How to submit a RAN Band Support Request Form

  1. All requests should be submitted via email from a desktop/laptop computer rather than via a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). Most emails with attachments sent from a mobile device are blocked by the Defence internet gateway for ICT security reasons.
  2. Download the request form and save it to a suitable location on your computer.
  3. Open the request form on your computer using a suitable software for editing fields in a pdf document e.g. Acrobat (Mac, Windows), Preview (Mac).
  4. Click in each field on the first page of the form and type in the relevant details or select a date or option from the dropdown list.
  5. Save the document and rename the filename to include the name of your organisation or event.
  6. Open your preferred email client e.g. Outlook, Gmail, and create a new email message. Attach your completed RAN Band Support Request form and email it to navy.band@defence.gov.au.
  7. Requestors will be contacted in due course about their request for RAN Band support.