Tac Talks

Tac Talks are papers about global maritime strategic concepts and strategies authored by professionals of the Royal Australian Navy.

No. Title Author Year Download
27 Red Teaming - playing the devil’s advocate CMDR Hamish Frazer 2021 PDF (627.08 KB)
26 Evaluating effects-based operations in the Australian Defence Force LEUT Joshua Woodward 2021 PDF (1.24 MB)
25 Napoleon 2030 - Old military maxims for new high-end war fighters LEUT Aaron D Scott 2021 PDF (551.81 KB)
24 Organic Mine Countermeasures in the littoral environment LEUT ME Cook 2021 PDF (868.53 KB)
23 The Scrap Iron Flotilla PO Bryce Brown RAN, and LEUT Danica Thompson RAN 2021 PDF (558.05 KB)
22 Ship Launched Remote Piloted Aircraft for the Royal Australian Navy SBLT M Webster, SBLT S Nixon and MIDN C Smith 2021 PDF (699.87 KB)
21 How Will We Fight? CMDR Robbie Swift 2021 PDF (1.02 MB)
20 Things I have heard CAPT Pete Bartlett 2021 PDF (992.21 KB)
19 Maritime Trade Operations Team 1 - A Contemporary Capability CMDR Mark W Linden, CSM RAN 2021 PDF (488.45 KB)
18 Putting the ‘War’ back into Minor War Vessels: utilising the Arafura Class to reinvigorate high intensity warfighting in the Patrol Force LEUT Brett Willis 2021 PDF (1.29 MB)
17 Old ideas in a future war: countering the strategic narrative of a Major Fleet Unit sinking LCDR Simon O’Hehir 2021 PDF (1.14 MB)
16 Cognitive Dissonance In Constabulary Operations LCDR Sean West Money 2021 PDF (1.98 MB)
15 Thursday War LEUT Matthew Bailey 2021 PDF (719.49 KB)
14 How will the employment of information effects affect the force posture in the South China Sea in the next decade? LEUT Matt Westwood 2021 PDF (1.3 MB)
13 Mine Counter Measures off the Australian Theatre LEUT Liam Northend and CPOCSM-MW Simon East 2021 PDF (1.24 MB)
12 Carpe Diem: A Professional Endeavour LEUT Harrison Ingham 2021 PDF (1.01 MB)
11 Fight, Move, Float - It is Time to Simplify Command CAPT David Landon 2021 PDF (619.18 KB)
10 GNSS ‘in Troubled Waters’ Professor Chris Rizos 2021 PDF (1.37 MB)
9 Advance Force Mine Counter Measure Operations Warrant Officer Clearance Diver Christopher Wright 2021 PDF (636.11 KB)
8 The What, How And Why Of Emotionally Intelligent Reflection LEUT Robert Wallace 2021 PDF (1.22 MB)
7 Warriors, Thinkers and Teacher: Warfare Tactics Instructor LEUT Cleo Scarce and LEUT Colin Verheul 2021 PDF (535.19 KB)
6 Quantum Radars and the Implications for Future Warfare POEW Dominic Roleff 2021 PDF (514.35 KB)
5 The Reinstatement of Australia’s Amphibious Capability LCDR Albert Moule 2021 PDF (558.7 KB)
4 Force From The Sea: An Update On Australia’s Amphibious Capability Colonel Kim Gilfillan CSC 2021 PDF (1.02 MB)
3 The Weaponised Information Threat To Cognitive Security LEUT Richard Morris 2021 PDF (816.1 KB)
2 Countering Robotics And Autonomous Systems Through Maritime Area Denial LCDR Nathaniel Streher 2021 PDF (666.47 KB)
1 Protecting Australia’s Maritime Trade: The need to plan now to bring the future into the present CAPT Michael Beard 2021 PDF (1.05 MB)