Naval College FAQ

When accepted to come to the Royal Australian Naval College, you will receive comprehensive joining instructions. Some Frequently Asked Questions are:

How fit do I really need to be?

  • The fitter you are the better, as there are a number of activities that require you to demonstrate both strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  • The Navy's Physical Fitness Test for under 35's requires men to reach a standard of 25 push-ups, 25 sit-ups and a maximum of 13 minutes for a 2.4km run. For women it is 10 push-ups, 25 sit-ups and a maximum of 15 minutes for a 2.4km run.
  • The Navy has a standard swim test which comprises of a 50m swim in overalls, 15 minute tread water and 10m underwater swim followed by a 3m safety jump.
  • You should aim to be able to easily exceed these minimum fitness requirements prior to joining. You should also develop a fast recovery time, as this is a true indicator of fitness.

Do I need to carry a pack?

  • Yes! As a component of the practical leadership training you will be required to carry a pack for the four leadership exercises. You will also carry a pack as part of Physical Training in order to build up fitness.

Do I get to keep my mobile phone during Initial Training Period (ITP)?

  • On arrival, all New Entry Officers are to declare their mobile phone(s) to their Divisional Staff and each mobile phone is to be registered on the Division's Mobile Phone Master List.
  • New Entry Officers will then be permitted to retain their mobile phone(s) for the duration of NEOC with limitations imposed. During the Initial Training Period you will be working 7 days a week so opportunities to make calls will be limited. If your family urgently needs to contact you, your divisional Officer can be used as a point of contact for emergencies. You will be advised on the policy on mobile phone use within the first few days of joining.
  • You are able to receive mail during Initial Training Period (ITP), so it is advised that you may like to organise with your family in advance to receive care packages. (Alcohol or other inappropriate materials are not permitted).

If there is an emergency can my family contact me?

  • On your first night you will be able to contact your family with your emergency contact details. Your Divisional Officer will be your first point of contact for emergencies and they will provide their details on the first night.

How much space do I have for personal effects in my cabin?

  • You do not have a lot of personal space, and there will be times you are required to move your cabin, therefore it is advisable to minimise the amount of personal effects you bring with you. As a rule of thumb, bring two or three sets of civilian clothing, a suit (or female equivalent), two pairs of civilian shoes plus a pair of runners. A notebook computer is strongly advised as it can be used as a stereo, a TV and of course for entertainment out of hours.

Can I get dial-up Internet access from my cabin?

  • No. There are no telephone facilities for you to connect to the Internet with your personal computer. However there are a number of Defence computers with Internet access for work and study purposes.
  • There are technologies that allow you to obtain access through the wireless CDMA network, however given the remote location of Jervis Bay, broadband services are limited so you will need to check with your current provider prior to arrival.

Do I really need 20 single pant-hangers and 20 coat-hangers?

  • Yes! You will use every single one of them, so ensure you bring some extras for your civilian clothing.
  • Remember that there is limited space in your cupboard for civilian clothing as most of it is taken up by uniforms.

What if I am under 18 years of age?

  • Navy has a duty of care to all its members, but more so to those under 18. Divisional officers act essentially as guardians for those under 18 as they see them every day and are available to discuss matters with parents who wish to communicate with you.
  • You will be allowed access to mobile phones during ITP in the evenings to call your family if you wish to.
  • You will be involved in all the same activities as your peers, however, you will not be able to consume alcohol until you turn 18.

Can I go home during the course?

  • Not during the first four weeks of initial training.
  • You can choose to travel home for weekends to see family, however you do not receive any significant holiday periods while on course.

Can I drive my own car to Creswell?

  • Specific joining instructions detail travel arrangements for new entry officers as the vast majority will be transported to Creswell by bus. You are likely not to have the opportunity to bring your own vehicle on board Creswell initially and not until you have completed your Initial Training Period.
  • After ITP you may request to have a vehicle onboard and bring it back from short leave over a weekend.
  • Other arrangements exist for personnel already serving in Navy and these should be confirmed prior to arrival.

Are there EFTPOS and credit card facilities on base?

  • Yes, there is a branch of the Australian Defence Credit Union (ADCU) on board, and the post office is a registered agent for the Commonwealth Bank and provides an EFTPOS facility for trainees to withdraw funds on base.