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New Entry Officers Course

New Entry Officers’ Course (NEOC) is a 15-week residential course at the Royal Australian Naval College (RANC), HMAS Creswell. NEOC is designed to provide the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours required of junior officers to enable them to serve in the Royal Australian Navy(RAN).

NEOC includes a four-week Initial Training Period (ITP) where trainees are introduced to military routines and behaviours. This is the most demanding period of course and includes two practical leadership exercises which focus on teamwork and building resilience.

On completion of ITP, trainees will commence instruction in weapons handling, combat survivability at the RAN School of Survivability and Ship Safety (RANSSSS), Survival at Sea training at the HMAS Creswell waterfront, and further training in leadership and general Officer skills.

In the final week of NEOC, trainees will participate in a Ceremonial Sunset and Passing Out Parade to mark the culmination of their initial entry training. These events are conducted in front of invited dignitaries, family and friends, and showcase the ceremonial training that New Entry Officers have undertaken over the past 15 weeks.



The Reserve Entry Officers Course (REOC), consists of three phases. The initial phase is a 16-day residential component followed by online learning and another 12-day residential course detailed below. After completion of the initial residential component, trainees are required to complete the duration of their training within a 12-month period. As trainees are already qualified in their chosen field, the focus of REOC is to equip trainees with the fundamental requirements of being a reserve naval officer in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Phase 1 – The initial 16-day residential component is conducted on board HMAS Creswell. Trainees are introduced to military routines and behaviours, are issued their first entitlement to naval uniforms and complete two leadership exercises.

Phase 2 – On line learning consisting of eight subject modules within the Australian Defence Education Learning Environment (Adele).

Phase 3 – a 12-day residential component conducted at HMAS Creswell. This phase of training includes Basic First Aid, Combat Survivability at the RAN School of Survivability and Ships Safety (RANSSSS) and Survival at Sea training at the HMAS Creswell waterfront.

More information on the RAN Reserves can be accessed on the following page: Royal Australian Naval Reserves | Royal Australian Navy.


University Entry Officers Course (UEOC)

The University Entry Officers’ Course (UEOC) consists of a one-week residential course at HMAS Creswell designed to provide an insight into life in the RAN. Its main purpose is to enable trainees undertaking university studies, to have a fundamental understanding of the Navy.

There are no formal assessments conducted on this course as trainees attend NEOC on completion of their university studies. Trainees will receive an initial issue of naval uniforms and learn the basics of naval life, including how to correctly recognise ranks and basic drill and ceremonial.

Further information on the University Entry Officer Scheme can be found on the following webpage: University Entry Officer (UGRAD) | Royal Australian Navy.