Family support

Defence understands the impacts the military way of life has on ADF members and families. Defence Member and Family Support (DMFS) offers various support programs to help balance the demands of service life with the needs of families. ADF Members and Families page provides information about the support available for partner employment, school mentoring, special needs care and financial advice.


Defence Health Ltd and Navy Health Ltd can help with private health and other insurances to the ADF and broader Defence community.

Navy alcohol and other drugs services

Navy Alcohol and Other Drugs Services (NAODS) is a peer-support program that provides education, counselling and support for serving members wishing to address problematic gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.



Officer in Charge & Alcohol and other drugs counsellor: 0438 217 463

Alcohol and other drugs counsellor: 0408 518 240

Western Australia: 0438 647 849

Eastern Australia: (02) 9537 0404

Financial support

Family financial advice page provides information on various financial resources and services available to Defence members and their families.

The Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund (RANRTF) provides welfare assistance to serving and ex-serving members of Royal Australian Navy and their families. It provides a range of financial products and services that are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain consistent with the RANRTF vision, mission and values. It also helps to ensure that these products and services continue to meet the needs of members. Further information can be found on the intranet and Keeping Watch website.

Pastoral care and spiritual support

Pastoral care and spiritual support is provided by Navy Chaplaincy to all Navy members and their families. Navy Chaplaincy are committed to creating a safe, supportive and caring environment, and welcome all who seek pastoral care, religious or spiritual support.


Regional crisis support (24 hours)

Regions Mobile
Australian Capital Territory 0420 996 367
New South Wales (Shoalhaven) 0421 687 817
New South Wales (Sydney)

Queensland (Brisbane)

South Australia

0411 203 618
Northern Territory 0409 662 823
Queensland (Cairns) 0407 798 472
Victoria 0417 494 803
Western Australia 0407 212 967

Defence members and their families have access to 24/7 chaplaincy services, they can call the helpline to speak to the on-call Chaplain in the area.