The wearing of the Royal Australian Navy uniform is a privilege and thus should be a matter of personal pride to all Naval personnel. Naval uniforms are important symbols of military rank and reflect organisational history. The uniforms contribute to morale, pride, discipline and public perception of the RAN.

It is incumbent on all members to ensure dress, deportment and grooming of Naval personnel is in accordance with the uniform manual and maintained at the highest possible standard.

For policy inquiries, please contact Navy Uniforms at navy.uniforms@defence.gov.au.

Uniform instructions (PDF 6.74 MB)
  • Chapter 1 – Responsibilities and wearing of the Royal Australian Navy uniform
  • Chapter 2 – Entitlements, returns, disposal and clothing specifications
  • Chapter 3 – Uniform items and orders of dress
  • Chapter 4 – Care and maintenance of uniform
  • Chapter 5 – Grooming instructions
  • Chapter 6 – Rank insignia and badges
  • Chapter 7 – Medals and ribbons
  • Chapter 8 – Aiguillettes and shoulder devices
  • Chapter 9 – Swords
  • Chapter 10 – Civilian clothing
  • Chapter 11 – Guidelines on the creation of uniform policy
  • Chapter 12 – Uniform Policy - Change of scale proposals