Ordering a RAN Band CD


The Royal Australian Navy Band produces and distributes compact disc recordings to extend its reach into the wider community. These recordings are not for sale, but are distributed to radio stations, public libraries and educational institutions free of charge.

If you are a librarian, educator or public service broadcaster, we would be delighted to send you a collection of recordings by the band. We only ask that you place them in your organisation's permanent holdings so that all in your community may enjoy them for years to come.

Please mail or fax a request on your official organisational letterhead to:

National Public Relations Manager
Royal Australian Navy Band
Attn: NPRM
DMUS-N Office
Lvl 1 BDG 32 Garden Island
Locked Bag 7005
NSW 1871

Email: navy.band@defence.gov.au

Royal Australian Navy Band
Serving in Harmony