Royal Australian Naval College

New Entry Officers' Course 45 general salute at the Graduation Ceremony held at HMAS Creswell in November 2011.

The Royal Australian Naval College (RANC) was initially established in 1915 and is now responsible for the training of all ab-initio officer entry courses into the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). This includes conduct of New Entry Officers Course (NEOC), Reserve Entry Officers Course (REOC) and University Officer Entry Course (UEOC). The RANC is also responsible for the Command and Management of the ADFGY-N program conducted on commissioned establishments all around Australia.

The RANC is located at HMAS Creswell  in the Jervis Bay Territory, surrounded by Booderee National Park on the South Coast of NSW.



“A professional institution that is trusted to deliver Naval Officers with the qualities necessary to serve the Navy”



The RANC will train, mentor and deliver agile and resilient Naval Officers that possess the requisite qualities to serve the Navy in order to support the preparation of naval power to enable the joint force in peace and in war.