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The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Recruit School is located at HMAS Cerberus, which is situated at Crib Point on the shores of Western Port Bay, 75 kilometres south east of Melbourne, Victoria. Our mission at RAN Recruit School is to:


“To induct the next generation of sailors into the Royal Australian Navy,
enabling them to think independently and act collectively in the conduct
of their core duties within Navy, and as part of a Joint Force.”





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For Families


Recruits have access to a landline phone and dependant on training requirements may be able to make phone calls to family during the following times:

  • 4:30pm to 6:30pm (1630hrs - 1830hrs)
  • 8:30pm to 10:30pm (2030hrs - 2230hrs)

Note that calls are typically restricted to three (3) minutes in duration unless extenuating circumstances exist.


If you have a genuine emergency and need to get in contact with a recruit in training you can call one of the following numbers and immediate contact with the recruit will be arranged:

  • Recruit School Duty Officer on 0409 441 292
  • Recruit School Duty Instructor on 0400 255 196


There is a small local post office on base and Recruits are able to both send and receive mail. To send mail to a Recruit, it should be addressed as follows:

RCT (First & Surname) Employee ID
Division Intake No.
RAN Recruit School

There are several restricted items that Recruits must not have at RAN Recruit School. These can be found at page 7 of the RAN Recruit School New Entry Sailor Course Joining Instructions.


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