Supply Class AOR

Supply Class AOR
Type Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR)
  • Fleet oiler
  • Ammunition supply
  • Logistical support
  • Humanitarian and disaster relief
Builder Navantia
  • 19,500 tonnes
  • 9,800 tonnes (full load deadweight)
Length 173.9 metres
Beam 23 metres
Draught 8 metres
  • 2 x MAN 18V 32/40 main engines
  • 4 x MAN 7L21/31 generator sets
Speed 20 knots (maximum)
Range 6,000nm at 13 knots
  • 1,450 cubic metres of JP5 jet fuel
  • 8,200 cubic metres of marine diesel fuel
  • 1,400 cubic metres of fresh water
  • 270 tonnes of ammunition
  • 470 tonnes of provisions
Aircraft 1 helicopter
Company Accommodation for up to 122 personnel including crew
News Articles Navy Daily

Australia’s current supply ships HMA Ships Success and Sirius will be replaced with a single class of double-hulled, Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) ship to be built by Spanish shipbuilder, Navantia. The two Australian ships are based on the Spanish Navy's Cantabria Class AORs.

The ships are intended to carry fuel, dry cargo, water, food, ammunition, equipment and spare parts to provide operational support for the deployed naval or combat forces operating far from the port on the high seas for longer periods.

In addition to replenishment, the vessels can be used to combat against environmental pollution at sea, provide logistics support for the armed forces, and to support humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) operations following a natural disaster.

Two Supply class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment will be named HMA Ships Supply (II) and Stalwart (III). The lead ship, HMAS Supply was launched at the Navantia Shipyards in Ferrol, Spain on 24 November 2018. The following day, in accordance with ship building tradition the Chief of Navy, VADM Michael Noonan, positioned a coin under where the hull will be constructed for Stalwart.

On 2 October 2020, NUSHIP Supply arrived at Fleet Base West, Western Australia for final fit out and testing activities and is scheduled to enter Royal Australian Navy service in 2021.

HMAS Stalwart is expected to enter service in late 2021.

SPS Cantabria of the Spanish Armada in company with HMAS Success of the Royal Australian Navy off the coast of Sydney.
SPS Cantabria of the Spanish Armada in company with HMAS Success of the Royal Australian Navy off the coast of Sydney.
Name Pennant Commissioned Commanding Officer Status
NUSHIP Stalwart (III) A304 Under construction
NUSHIP Supply (II) A195 Captain Ben Hissink Ship Acceptance