SM-2 Standard Missile

Standard Missile
Surface to air missile
Manufacturer Raytheon
Power Plant
Dual thrust, solid fuel rocket
272 kilograms
Weight 708 kilograms
34.3 centimetres
1.08 metres
4.72 metres
Range >166+ kilometres
>Mach 3
Usage Destroyer, Guided Missile (DDG)

The Standard Missile is mounted on the RAN's major combatants. It is a surface-to-air defence weapon with fleet area air defence and ship self defence as its primary mission. It has also demonstrated an extended area air defence projection capability and has a secondary mission as an anti-surface ship missile.

Standard Missile 2 (SM2)

The SM2 is primarily used for fleet area air defence and ship self defence, but it also has an extended air defence capability and it has a secondary anti-surface ship mission.

The SM2, which is extensively used by the US Navy, has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness against targets from surface ships to helicopters and manned aircraft.

It can also be used against in-coming missiles, from very low to very high altitudes and from stationary to supersonic speeds, under a variety of weather conditions, and across a spectrum of electronic countermeasures environments.

SM2s use tail controls and a solid fuel rocket motor for propulsion and maneuverability, and, in addition, extended range missiles have a booster with thrust vector controls.

The DDGs 48-Cell MK41 Vertical Launch System are capable of firing the SM2 missile previously embarked on FFGs.

Video: During RIMPAC 2010, the Adelaide Class frigate, HMAS Newcastle, launched a SM-2 Standard Missile. Note: Video also covers a Harpoon missile firing and starts at the 55 second mark. Note: This YouTube video will not be viewable on the Defence Protected Network.