Navy Bereavement Pin

Closeup of the Navy Bereavement Pin.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has commissioned a bereavement pin to recognise the valued contribution of all Navy personnel who gave service. This includes the immediate family of all deceased Navy veterans.

The Navy Bereavement Pin is a distinctive 20mm gold lapel pin which has the crest of the Royal Australian Navy encompassed by wreath ‘supporters’.

The Navy Bereavement Pin has been developed to meet an expressed wish by many families, who have lost a close family member who served in the Navy, to have a tangible yet discrete memento of the service of their loved one.

The Navy Bereavement Pin is a symbol that can assist family members to commemorate the life and service of a relative who gave service to the Navy during their lifetime.

It is the Chief of Navy’s wish that by prominently wearing it or having it as a special keepsake, the Navy Bereavement Pin helps you to remember proudly the family member you have lost, and reminds you that you are very much considered a part of the broader Navy family.

As a family member, may you look upon the Navy Bereavement Pin in remembrance and wear it with pride.





In 2018 the Chief of Navy extended the eligibility of those who can receive Navy Bereavement Pins. In the past they were only available for the immediate family of those who died while in RAN service. This eligibility has now been extended to include the immediate family of those former members of the RAN who have died having given naval service.

Effectively the bereavement pins are available, on request, to the immediate family of all deceased RAN veterans. Immediate family normally means widows and widowers, parents, siblings, and children of the deceased. Extensions to this eligibility can be made for compassionate and compelling circumstances.



Navy Bereavement Pin application form.
Navy Bereavement Pin application form.
PDF : 181 KB

Nomination and Application Process

If you are related to a person who gave service to the Navy during their lifetime and wish to receive this special pin, please download and complete the form on the right and email it to

Please allow up to 5-6 weeks for your nomination form to be processed.

Your Navy Bereavement Pin will be sent through the post.

If there is insufficient information to verify your nomination, you will be contacted to provide additional detail.

Unfortunately, responsibility cannot be accepted for misdirected applications or lost/misdirected mail.


General Enquiries

General enquiries can be submitted via email using the form below. As the e-mail address is monitored on a part time basis, Navy will endeavour to attend to your enquiry within ten working days.

When using the form below, remember to check that your email address is correct before clicking on the ‘Send’ button, so that we are able to contact you if necessary.

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