WWII Damage Control


During World War II effective damage control measures became a necessity for ships damaged in action. These posters, produced by the Royal Navy and distributed throughout the Commonwealth, highlight some of the successes and failures of damage control in H.M. ships. Many of the lessons learnt remain relevant today.

Researchers may wish to review it in conjunction with H.M. Ships Damaged or Sunk by Enemy Action in WWII.

HMS Indomitable
HMS Indomitable (5.7 MB)
HMS Nabob
HMS Nabob (6.1 MB)
HMS Cleopatra
HMS Cleopatra (6.2 MB)
HMS Orion
HMS Orion (6.2 MB)
HMS Nigeria
HMS Nigeria (5.7 MB)
HMS Arethusa
HMS Arethusa (6.1 MB)
HMS Liverpool
HMS Liverpool (5.1 MB)
HMS Southampton
HMS Southampton
(4.8 MB)
HMS Kelly
HMS Kelly (5.4 MB)
HMS Javelin
HMS Javelin (5.8 MB)
HMS Cossack
HMS Cossack (4.8 MB)
HMS Worcester
HMS Worcester (6.3 MB)